The complete SIM RS for center of dental and oral service in Semarang City


RSIGM Sultan Agung - SIM RS dan SI IMUT

SI IMUT RSIGM, which will apply for hospital accreditation to KARS, requires an information system so that data related to hospital quality can be collected and displayed properly. This system has 2 main use cases

  1. Penganggung Jawab yang melakukan survey mutu dapat memasukkan data
  2. Supervisor dan Pimpinan RS dapat melihat grafik perkembangan mutu RS secara periodik

Azura Labs as a partner helped RSIGM to develop this system so that it could be accepted by KARS assessors and finally RSIGM got the Plenary accreditation results from KARS.


Azura Labs has collaborated with RSIGM Sultan Agung since 2019 in developing the two SIMs they have. The two SIMs are SIM MUTU as input media for quality indicators found in hospitals and also SIM RS as operational management from patient registration, electronic medical records to system integration with the central BPJS Health.