Our Story

“Amazing team build amazing product”

We complement each other, not only in projects but also in daily. Jokes and laughter bring balance to team relationships and reinforce solidity.

Logos Meaning

Identity & Characteristics

Like our logo, we represent our team as water droplets, small but impactful. We started as a small side-project software house progressing into a much bigger dream. We develop the product and create purpose on it. We treat customers as part of our journey. We just started, but like water droplet, steadily we can crush the stone as we making our marks.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Team Building and Development

Our three main things when serving clients are solving problems appropriately, assisting and developing the client's business, and long-term commitment. That is why Azuralab instills basic values in the team such as team cohesiveness to help each other, reduce personal egos, be responsible for each other's duties, and many more. In order to get the best team with mutually supporting abilities.

Our Daily

Our habit is every morning before starting work, we always review the work that was done yesterday along with the obstacles and work that will be done today. We always eat lunch together at the office. Sometimes filled with jokes to reduce fatigue at work and strengthen the relationship between us.

Interested in joining our great team?

Don't worry, we always open up opportunities for you, just let us know by sending your CV or portfolio to our email.